Metrics & Measurement

We live in the age of data. Measuring what you do so that you can continuously improve and demonstrate impact is important for enterprises of all types. Family Restoration Coalition (FRC) is no different. Based on our history as a completely volunteer ministry, we have a few basic operating metrics from our experience that we have described under our Ministry History. Looking forward, we have a comprehensive strategy of the metrics we would like to gather & evaluate, manage ourselves by, and report out to interested parties. Executing this strategy will require investment into processes and systems and the time, energy, and cost of skilled resources to develop and support.

Our Measurement Strategy

Depicted below are examples of the types of metrics we plan to systematically develop and measure:

In this recorded presentation, one of our founders, Jay Foulkrod, discusses a bit more about our measurement strategy.

FRC welcomes connection with skilled professionals and academics in the fields of process & system development, economics & social sciences, and data analysis to help us develop and implement our metrics strategy.