Usher restoration for families in crisis through the work of local churches and volunteers


Family Restoration Coalition (FRC) strives to marshal sufficient church and volunteer capacity to absorb every family who would welcome FRC’s services, in Austin Texas and beyond; to drive superior case outcomes; and to witness powerfully for Christ.


Relentless faith. In the dignity and potential of the parents we serve, and the resurrecting power and purpose of the God who made them

Embrace of tension and dissonance. Grace, love, and the gospel itself make relationship possible even in the midst of profound differences and deep hurts

Scripture and Spirit. Submission to and reliance upon both

Trust. Offered and earned, with parents, church and state partners, donors, board and employees, and the public

Objectivity. Seeing, accepting, and owning Truth

Relationship. As the heartbeat and chief end of life itself

Excellence. In our product & processes, our dealings & decisions, our relationships & results