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Words from Judges

Hear perspectives from local family court judges on the need for parental services like Three Strands

About Our Logo

The tree of life appears in Genesis, in the middle of the Garden of Eden, and again in Revelation, in the middle of the heavenly city. It is a picture of God's will and design for His people: eternal, flourishing life. That design was tragically interrupted by the fall of our first parents, Adam and Eve. Nevertheless, the vision of the Bible is that of a God whose purposes will not be thwarted; who works to lead His people back to Himself, and ultimately to an eternity together with Him in which all things are made new, every tear is wiped away, and the the nations are healed.

The tree is also symbolic of the family tree, and evocative of the pattern and work of God who redeems not just individuals, but families and generations. The network of churches and volunteers who constitute FRC believe that the restoration of families is close to the heart of God, of high strategic, eternal, and kingdom importance, and we are privileged to participate with Him in that work!

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