Gift & Pledges

Family Restoration Coalition (FRC) welcomes gifts and pledges of all sizes.

At this point we have applied for, but not yet received, IRS 501c3 status. We are hopeful that we will be granted exempt status in 2019, and that all gifts received will be retroactively deductible. However, we can not guarantee either the receipt of exempt status, or the timing in which we will receive it. There are operating expenses and liabilities FRC is incurring right now for which various parties have graciously agreed to defer receipt of payment until FRC has secured funding. If you are willing and able to make a gift now, even with the uncertainty around our tax-exempt status, we have uses for it.

For those seeking guidance on gift amounts, consider the table below which shows the number of parents and children that can be reached, by giving tier, based on our per parent cost-to-serve model. We are open to discussing our operating budget with interested donors seeking more detail.

Whether you are ready to make a gift now, or a pledge for later, please complete the form below so that we can plan accordingly and be in contact.

Per our commitments to the IRS, FRC does not accept designated or donor-controlled gifts. Contributions to FRC are solicited with the understanding that FRC has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

Giving Tiers