Online Training for Three Strands Volunteers

We understand that many who would like to participate as a volunteer with Three Strands may have difficulty attending 2 1/2 days of in person training. You can receive credit for completing Day 1 training by watching the videos below and passing the exam at the end.

Some words of guidance:

  • It is important for each individual volunteer to digest this content themselves. Please, husbands / wives, do not complete the exam on behalf of your spouse. That being said, we do not have concerns with viewing these videos, discussing, and completing the exam together in a group context, as long as each individual is present and participating and submits their own exam. Content absorption is the goal, however that happens.

  • You do not need to wait to complete the exam until after you've watched the videos. You may complete the exam while watching the videos, with the video running in one window and the exam up in another.

  • The videos are streamed from YouTube, which has a feature for speeding up the playback.

  • This is a pass-fail exam. We need to see you've achieved a basic awareness of the content. We will attempt to review your exam promptly but it might take a few weeks. Assume you've passed unless you hear back from us.

Youtube Playback Speed can be adjusted from the gear icon in the lower right corner of the video.

Training Cost: $50

We do not want any financial barrier to prevent a willing volunteer from serving with Three Strands. You need not pay for this training if you are unable to do so. There is cost and effort for FRC associated with organizing our trainings, maintaining this site, reviewing exams, and continuously improving all of the same. There is a link to pay for training below. You can also make a gift toward FRC to support our overall operations.

Three Strands Volunteer Training - Part One

Understanding CPS - Melissa Emmerth

CPS Overview.pptx

Trauma in Families - Katie Compton

Trauma in Families Deck.pdf
Trauma in Families - ACE score sheet.pdf
Trauma in Families - Signs of Healthy Attachment & Trauma.pdf

Addiction and Recovery - Alex Scaro

Ministering Cross-Culturally to African-Americans

Ministering Cross-Culturally to Latinos

***** IMPORTANT: Read this document before enterring the exam to ensure your answers get transmitted to our database and your work is not lost.